Portrait of a Learner

Personally Responsible Citizen

A student who is Personally Responsible...

 Is a leader that is able to involve others in tasks, recognizes and encourages the strengths, abilities and talents of others, motivates and serves others while helping to lead and take responsibility. 

 Demonstrates an awareness of their emotions, strengths, challenges and abilities, is resilient, productive, flexible, and continually works on self-improvement.

Effectively sets and works towards goals to achieve success individually or in groups, while showing empathy, regulating their behaviors, being accountable for their actions, taking ownership of their mistakes and honoring their commitments to self and others.  

 A Citizen is...

 A positive role model who is actively involved in serving the community, demonstrates a global awareness that includes understanding diverse cultures and communities, shows a responsibility for their actions and interactions in various settings, takes pride in their civic responsibilities and shows respect for self and others.

Critical Thinker & Problem Solver

A Critical Thinker and Problem Solver…

Exhibits curiosity, identifies and investigates possibilities, asks and answers essential questions, and reflects critically on learning experiences, processes and outcomes.

Reasons effectively, perseveres through challenges, makes sound judgements and decisions, and develops and analyzes various solutions to complex real-world situations.

Creator & Innovator

A Creator & Innovator…

Is a responsible risk taker who views failure as an opportunity to learn, uses a wide range of idea creation techniques and understands that creativity is a process of continuously reflecting, elaborating, refining and evaluating. 

Demonstrates originality and inventiveness in their work, individually or with others, to create and act on new and viable ideas, products and solutions. 


A collaborator…

Works effectively and respectfully with others while being responsible, flexible, and willing to compromise in working towards a common goal.

Works productively in diverse teams that value individual contributions, consider various ideas and opinions, and embrace shared responsibility in creating a high-quality solution or product.  


A Communicator…

Effectively listens and engages with others using an awareness of cultural and environmental differences to decipher meaning, knowledge, values, attitudes and intentions of others while ensuring their own voice is heard and understood.

Effectively interacts with others using interpersonal skills in oral and written conversations, presentations, and inquiry based discussions to inform, create, express, persuade, or entertain with clarity utilizing a range of tools or methods in various settings, including digital.